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Dorn Space Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  Is Dorn Space a Cafe'?

Answer:  Dorn Space is not a cafe'.  It is an arts center (market) dedicated to promoting writers of all kinds.  Including (among others) novelists, poets, singer/songwriters, comedians, storytellers, etc ...

Question:  How large of an audience can Dorn Space accommodate?

Answer:  Dorn Space has a legal occupancy limit of 123 people.

Question:  Does Dorn Space have regular hours of operation?

Answer:  Dorn Space does not have regular hours of operation.  Dorn Space is only open for special events.  Many of which occur during the evening, some of which occur during the day.

Question:  Does Dorn Space have free parking?

Answer: Dorn Space is fortunate to have a large (free) parking lot which begins directly behind our building and stretches south along both sides of Church Street and capable of accommodating more than 100 cars.

Question:  Does Dorn Space accept credit cards?

Answer:  In our attempt to keep admission prices as low as possible, Dorn Space only accepts cash.

Question:  Can advanced tickets be ordered for Dorn Space events?

Answer:  In our effort to prevent processing fees and keep amissiion prices as low as possible, tickets can only be purchased at the door beginning one hour prior to the start of the event.

Question:  Can food be purchased at Dorn Space?

Answer:  Currently, in an effort to keep concession prices to only $1 per item, Dorn Space provides only basic pre-packaged snack foods such as soft drinks, candy, etc...

Question:  Does Dorn Space allow outside food and drinks.

Answer:  Food and drinks purchased outside of Dorn Space may be brought in for consumption except for alcoholic beverages and glass bottles.

Question:  Are Dorn Space shows "family friendly?"

Answer:  Dorn Space does it's best to provide family friendly entertainment.  We advise our acts to make an effort to adhere to our "PG-13" guideline and to keep profanity to a minimum.

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