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If you struggle with the difficult task of public speaking like most of us, get ready to do something about it. 

Dorn Space Public Speaking Workshop is exactly what the name implies, a multi-session workshop that will get you comfortable with public speaking through the actual practical experience of public speaking.

For some people, public speaking comes naturally, but for most of us it's a skill that has to be developed. And, the lack of that skill could possibly derail you from reaching your full potential. While few skills are more valuable, even fewer skills are as universally neglected as public speaking. If you've been avoiding it your whole life you're not alone, but now is the time to tackle the trepidation.

As scary as it sounds, the most effective way to develop as a public speaker is by getting up in front of an audience, speaking and doing it over and over again. The more you do it, the better you'll get and the more comfortable you'll become.

Unfortunately, there are few actual day-to-day opportunities in the real world that provide situations in which to practice public speaking. DSPS Workshop provides just that, the opportunity to practice over and over in a controlled environment and at a comfortable pace. At Dorn Space we overcome the dread and accompanying fear by taking baby steps. Initially, beginning with only a few words, and systematically increasing "stage time" over a gradual period of several weeks.

Forget about self-help books and videos, it's unlikely that your public speaking will significantly improve without practical methods. You've got to get up in front of people and practice. DSPS Workshop provides you with the opportunity to do that. And it's low-pressure, inexpensive and requires no substantial upfront costs. It's as simple as paying $15 at the start of each weekly session in which you participate. Stop the program at any time. But, complete 16 sessions and you'll have faced your fear (repeatedly) and will be on your way to a bigger, brighter, more confident future.

The first Dorn Space Public Speaking Workshop will take place on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2019 at 10 am.  Cost is $15 (per session) so put a few dollars aside, get your courage up and show up at Dorn Space (99 N. Main St., Gloversville, NY 12078).