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FROM MY POEMS TO YOURS (The Live Versions) consists of ninety-one poems written by Brian Dorn.  Constructed for live performances as well as the printed page, these poems make a return to rhyme, and along with it, mainstream appeal.


 ISBN: 9781605712703  Paperback:  $19.00  (144 Pages)

" Brian Dorn is a man of his word (which happens to rhyme most of the time)."

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From My Poems To Yours (The Live Versions) by Brian Dorn 

FROM MY POEMS TO YOURS  (The Live Versions)

Contents include 91 Poems:

Back in The DayWords,  My ImproprietyOut of Whack,  Three DaysPlain to See, No Comment,  Broken,  LuckClear Into Space,  Resisting Closure,  If You Knew,  Anything and Everything,  Do As We Say,  High Wire, Prophecy, LessonsElusive Words,  Envy's Carnage,  Hard as Stone,  Divine Thought,  Suspended in Time,  Make it Right,  Trying Smile,  Give It a Try,  Ambushed,  Can't EscapeFrom My Poems to Yours,  Round and Round,  Reality Check,  We All

Monkey Bars,  Creative Side,  The Love Poem,  Chemical Smile,  Ghost Town,  Dark In Me,  Tears In My Eyes,  Sublimely Connecting,  Stop and Think,  Another Step Forward,  Profoundly Attractive,  Hard To Say,  Telegram,  Under and Over,  My Queen,  Out of the Shadows,  Taking Aim,  Freedom's Name,  Pitfalls,  Long Past Due,  Unglued,  Hidden in Night,  I Need a Sign,  Inside of You, Dazed and Unsure,  Topsy-Turvy Whatever Will Be,  Changing Ways,  Ruined,  What's the Use,  Her Attributes, 

In God We Trust,  Writing Poetry,  All Which Way,  Standard of Living  ,Wishing Well,  Fond Mystery,  His Grace,  Over the Line,  The Ends of the Earth,  Poetry Is Sexy,  Wait for Me,  My Exclusive Muse,  Agitated,  The One You Adore,  Your Footsteps,  Growing Up,  Arousing Reflection,  Your Essence,  Sleight of Hand,  Clueless,  His Humor,  Sad Poems,  This Day,  Taking It Slow,  Attempting Fate,  Politics,  Short of Expectations,  Pain and Poetry, These Things