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 Welcome to the brand new, Dorn Space blog.  We'll be reporting on our venue at 99 N. Main St..  But, even more so, you'll see upcoming stories in, around, and about  Gloversville, NY.  See people, places and things that are happening (and have happened) in this historic community which was once an epic entertainment center and  thriving big little city.  For many years, Gloversville was the glove capital of the world.  Now, the glove factories are gone (for the most part), and the gloves are off.  But Gloversville continues to trade punches and fight the good fight.  Gloves or no gloves, it's time to get out to the scenic mohawk valley and give Gloversville the business.    

 "Gasoline" a video by  Sawyer Fredericks (The Voice), filmed at the historic Glove Theater in Gloversville!